The Finest Horses

Legend tells of King Medeus, founder of the Median nation whose empire would stretch across the East from Turkey, through Armenia, and Persia to the lands of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.  The Medes were the greatest horse-breeders of ancient times and in the vast fertile plains of Nisa - in what is now Southern Turkmenistan - they bred the Nisean horse, the finest horse the world has ever known. 

Rigorously Selected

Medeus stud farm continues the work the Medes began thousands of years ago to breed the world's ultimate horse.  We use only pure-blooded Akhal-Teke horses - the sole surviving repository of Nisean blood - and apply rigorous testing to ensure purity and performance in our breeding stock.

Perfected by Nature

Our stud farm is located in Eastern Slovakia at the foothills of the Tatra mountains.  Enjoying an altitude of 700 metres above sea-level the pure mountain air, fresh spring water and extensive grazing paddocks ensure that our young horses are perfected by nature, growing strong and healthy in controlled freedom where they are socialised with their peers whilst remaining under constant human supervision.

Bred to Excel

By carefully selecting for performance, conformation, health and character, we raise high quality but easy to ride sport horses that can excel across all equestrian disciplines; our testing grounds are the arenas and race courses around which our horses compete.  Your visit to either our stud farm in Slovakia or to our competition training centre in northern Italy is welcome at any time.


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