Alpaka, 2001
(Posalak - Aila)

Agyrysyz, 2010
(Garson - Armada)

Meliia, 2010
(Ekemen - Maigul)

(Perengistan - Maigul)

TAIPEJ, 2016
(Perengistan - Taina)

AION, 2016
(Otman Shael - Akdjemal-Geli)

MOREA, 2016
(Esugeibatyr - Martinika)

MENTA, 2016
(Esugeibatyr - Minsulu)

(Perengistan - Hyperia)

PEGGI, 2016
(Perengistan - Garagul)

(Perengistan - Dadel)

DOLCE, 2016
(Esugeibatyr - Desse)

AUREA, 2016
(Gornostay - Sarissa)

(Medeo - Alija)


Akhal-Teke Horses For Sale


We have a superb selection of Akhal Tekes for sale, of all ages and in a variety of beautiful colours for which the breed is famous.  Medeus studfarm specialises in preparing Akhal Tekes for sporting success and we therefore always have youngstock suitable for training or ready for competition in show-jumping, dressage, endurance racing or eventing.

Some of our available sale horses are shown above but if you are interested in any other horse on this website or in younger horses which are not yet listed, please get in touch with your requirements and we will find you your perfect horse.

Medeus is the largest stud farm in Europe dedicated exclusively to the Akhal Teke horse.  Our breeding stock is of the absolute highest quality so if you are interested in buying an Akhal-teke we are confident that you will not find a better selection of horses for sale.

We operate a transparent pricing policy and offer discounts for purchases of more than one horse and for the convenience of our clients we can organise transport worldwide. Seeing and trying your horse is an important part of the selection procedure and we are therefore happy to welcome your visit to our stud farm at any time. 

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