The World's Most Versatile Horse

Combining the speed and bravery of the Thoroughbred, the resistance and exotic beauty of an Arabian and the sporting prowess and level headedness of the warm-blood the Akhal-Teke is without any doubt the world's most versatile sports horse.  Akhal-Tekes excel in flat racing but with an extraordinary stamina they are perfect for the longest endurance races too.  Fearless and strong they fly across any cross-country course.  Elastic and powerful they excel at show-jumping whilst their magnificent movements have won them Olympic dressage gold. 


True Living Gold

An extremely rare breed of mysterious origins, the Akhal-Teke today is the product of thousands of years of the most careful selective breeding, a constant refining of true living gold, to create a horse whose qualities are absolutely unrivaled. A horse whose stunning beauty and legendary abilities make it as prized today as it was in times past when emperors waged wars and mounted arduous expeditions in search of the “heavenly horse”.


A Loyal and Lifelong Friend

The Akhal-Teke is a horse for those riders who value purity, beauty, nobility and intelligence in their mount, who appreciate that true horsemanship consists in a sensitive collaboration between horse and rider and who are willing, at the same time, to assume the responsibilities that come of being a custodian of a priceless genetic patrimony.  For such enlightened equestrians the Akhal-Teke will become an absolutely loyal, lifelong friend and provide a satisfaction that no other equine breed can equal.

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